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Manual application

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Whenever you see the need to add a drop of grease to the gear and four drops to the transmission, reach for the manual applicator. You can lubricate anything with it quickly and operatively. And you always have it close at hand.

Advantages of hand-held applicators

  • Apply lubricant to exactly where you need it most.
  • They are light and compact.
  • Use as much lubricant as you need.
  • They are multifunctional thanks to interchangeable extensions.
  • Lubricate with them cheaply and easily.

Choose the applicator according to your needs

  • Applicators for parts
  • Applicators for greases and pastes
  • Applicators for liquid oils
  • TS700 manual spray guns
  • Manual syringe guns Techcon TS700 Series
    • Lightweight barrel applicator gun
    • Provides excellent control for medium/high viscosity products
    • Easy to use. No dripping or mess

    Suitable for medium to high viscous liquids. It has easy setup and control. We offer them in variants for 10, 30 and 55 ml of lubricant.

  • Empty pump marker MOLOTOW™

    Suitable for low to medium viscous liquids. It has easy usage. We offer them in variants for 5 – 35 ml of lubricant.

    Download: (PDF format, size 2,4 MB)

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