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A wide range of aerosols where you can pick the spray that best adapts itself to your needs. All of our aerosols comply with existing regulations for containment and labelling regarding low-pressure products. The propellants and solvents used are in their totality respectful of the environment and have no effect over the ozone layer.

Product Characteristics and applications
BESLUX AFLOJATODO special unblocking anticorrosive oil for assembling and disassembling
BESLUX BASIC MULTIUSE multipurpose lubricating oil, protects and loosens all kind of mechanisms
BESLUX CADENAS lubricating oil for high temperature and water repellent chains
BESLUX BLANCO CADENAS sticky food grade oil with PTFE, for chain lubrication
BESLUX RAMCA 220 synthetic lubricating oil for chains and high temperature guides
BESLUX CAMIN 150WR sticky water-repellent mineral oil, for lubricating general mechanisms
BESLUX KTS cleaning synthetic lubricant oil for high revolution mechanisms
BESLUX FLUOR LIQ PTFE food grade oil for general lubrication
BESLUX BESSIL F-100 silicone food grade oil for general lubrication at high temperatures
DENSOLINA RVTH food grade lubricating oil for food processing applications
BESLUX CABLES lubricating and protecting grease for all kind of cables
BRADOL CADENAS white sticky fluid grease for lubricating water repellent chains
BRADOL CADENAS PLUS special white fluid grease with high PTFE content for chains
BESLUX GRASA SPRAY AD highly sticky grease for long life lubrication
BESLUX GRASA SPRAY PLEX 778A high performance and long life grease
BESLUX GRASA SPRAY UNIVERSAL synthetic food grade grease with PTFE
BESLUX MOLY SPRAY anti-seize molybdenum bisulfate dry lubricant, high temperature resistant
BESLUX FLUOR TF SPRAY lubricating and unmolding lubricant with PTFE (dry film)
BESLUX ANTISEIZE SPRAY special unblocking, anti-corrosive and conductor paste
BESLUX DESMOLDEANTE DEX-4 unmolding silicone free for plastic and anti-seize for welding
BRUSIL unmolding silicone free for plastic and anti-seize for welding
BESLUX SOLDADURA anti-spatter of welding projections, silicone free
BESLUX WELD APS 130 anti-spatter of welding projections, non-flammable and biodegradable
BRADOL LIMPIA MOTOR low toxicity degreasing agent with low aromatic content
BRADOL TOP CLEANER brake, carburetor and electrical contact degreasing
BESLUX RK PELABLE anticorrosive protective varnish that can be pealed, for all kind of molds and plastics
BESLUX ANTI-HUMEDAD humidity and corrosion protector for all kind of surfaces, molds and parts

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