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Product Characteristics and applications
BESLUX FLUOR FLUID 03 – 07 Very high performance fluorinated synthetic fluids (from –40°C to 250°C)
G. BESLUX FLUOR 152, 222, 522 Very high performance fluorinated synthetic greases (from –40°C to 250°C)
G. BESLUX PLEX 778 A/TF Lithium soap thickened synthetic grease with solid lubricants (PTFE TEFLON ® based) (from –50°C to 150°C)
G. BESLUX BESSIL 4032 Silicone grease with an inorganic thickener compound. (from –50°C to 180°C)
G. BESLUX LIPLEX H-1/2 S Formulated with synthetic base oil, special lithium complex soap thickener (from –40°C to 180°C)
G. BESLUX PLEX 745 Semi-synthetic calcium soap thickened grease. Complies with the VW TL 745 standard. (from –50°C to 100°C)

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