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Protection against corrosion of a metallic surface can be permanent or temporary. Our line of products, Rust Keeper, belongs to the temporary protection category, given the usage of these pieces in a subsequent process.

Product Available viscosities
RUST KEEPER 520-A Anti-corrosive base dissolvent of fine oil film. Viscosity, 1cst to 40ºC. Point of Inflammation, 62ºC
RUST KEEPER 555 Anti-corrosive base dissolvent of fine oil film. Viscosity, 1.5 cst to 40ºC Point of Inflammation, 40ºC
RUST KEEPER S-M Anticorrosive oily film soluble in water.
RUST KEEPER 923 Anti-corrosion of steel film, with viscosity of 11 cst to 40ºC. Point of Inflammation, 40ºC
RUST KEEPER 924 Anti-corrosion of steel semi-paste film. Point of Inflammation, 40ºC

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