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Product Available viscosities Features and applications
HIDRAULIC B Consult availabilities Fluids for oleodynamic circuits, ISO HL category.
FLUID DRIVE HM ISO 22, 32, 46, 68, 100 Fluids for oleodynamic circuits at high pressures, fulfilling ISO 11158 category HM, DIN 51524 part 2, category HLP.
FLUID DRIVE B ISO 32, 46, 68 Fluid for oleodynamic circuits, category HM, red, with improved viscosity level. (120). Ideal for temperature changes.
BESLUX DIVOL HV ISO 22, 32, 46, 68 Hydraulic fluid with very good separation from water, elevated Viscosity level (140), compatibility with joints and temperature changes. ISO 11158 category HV and DIN 51524 part 3, category HVLP.
BESLUX HIDRO HV ISO 32, 46 High Viscosity (175) indicated for elevators, hydraulic elevators, O.P. machinery and forest use for behaviours in the face of changes in temperature.
BESLUX DRIVE HLP/SC ISO 32, 46, 68 Production of hydraulics with additives without ashes and microfilters. Specifications: ISO 11158 category HM. DIN 51524 part 2 category HLP
BESLUX DRIVE HV/SC ISO 46, 68 Hydraulics indicated for the industry of plastic and robotics due to its viscosity of 150 and the absence of ashes.
BESLUX ATOX ISO 22, 32, 46, 68, 100
NSF H-1 certified
Multi-use hydraulic fluid for the food industry. Approved in category NSF H-1.
Fluido Biodegradable
ISO 46, 68
NSF H-1 certified
Formulated with synthetic base oils of vegetation origin, additive free of hydrocarbons. Food and agriculture industries.
Water- glycole
ISO 46 Hydraulic fluid resistant to fire, with water and glycole base, red and indicated in mechanisms within the steel, mining and glass industries.
Biodegradable synthetic fluid
ISO 46, 68 Synthetic fluid, safely resistant to fire and biodegradability of 85%. Indicated in the face of leaks and possible environmental contamination.
HIDRAULIC JD ISO 68 Fluid indicated for transmissions and hydraulics in agricultural machinery and public works. Also in brakes submerged in oil tubs.
FLUID DRIVE DX-II 5.5 cst (100ºC) Fluid for transmissions and joints that require DEXRON II specification by General Motors. Pair converters, automatic boxes.
FLUID DRIVE DX-III 35.8 cst (40ºC) Fluid for automatic transmissions and joints that require DEXRON III specification: Ford, Mercedes, Allison, MAN, ZF and VOITH.
TRANSMISION FLUID 40.6 cst (40ºC) Fluid for automatic transmissions and pair converters with ALLISON C-3 specification.
NET-GUM N.D Fluid for circuit cleaning. Detergent power. Eliminate and cleans hydraulic and heating circuit particles, etc.

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