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Soluble cutting oils

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Soluble cutting oils SERVOL

Product Features and applications
SERVOL 330 General mechanisation of steel, aluminium and tin. Water 5–40º HF.
SERVOL 334 Severe mechanisation for steel and aluminium. Mechanisation of pressure. Firmness of 3–40º HF.
SERVOL 370 Mechanisation of high severity of steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Waters of 1–50º HF
SERVOL 510 Severe mechanisation of steel and aluminum and aeronautical aluminum. Waters 5–40º HF
SERVOL 550 Severe mechanisation of steel, aluminium and tin. Waters of 3–50º HF
SERVOL 571 Very severe mechanisation of steel, stainless steel, inconel and titanium. Firmness of 5–70º HF
SERVOL 634 High severity mechanisation in extreme conditions. Aeronautical aluminium and titanium. Waters up to 25º HF
SERVOL 731 Mechanisation and grinding of steel and cast iron. Waters up to50º HF
SERVOL 2502 Mechanisation of steel and stainless steel. Waters 5–40º HF
SERVOL 2511 Aluminum mechanisation in high severity operations. Waters up to 40º HF
SERVOL 2602 Mechanisation and grinding of steel and cast iron in high severity operations. Waters up to 30º HF
SERVOL 5602 Mechanisation and grinding of steel and cast iron. Waters 2–70º HF
SERVOL 108 Synthetic fluid for mechanisations of steel, great severity. Up to 30º HF.
SERVOL 2 Synthetic fluid for mechanisation and rectification of steel in severe operations. Waters 10–100º HF.
SERVOL RECT Cutting fluid for rectification of general steel. Waters up to 30º HF.
SERVOL MD For severe rectification and especially for hard metal tools. Up to 30º HF.

Soluble cutting oils BESAL

Product Features and applications
BESAL 5 Mechanised for all types of metals. Waters up to 50º HF. Milky colour.
BESAL G-2 Synthetic green fluid special for the rectification of all types of steel.
BESAL 273 For general mechanisation of steel and aluminum. Water up to 5–40º HF. Good anticorrosive po­wer.
BESAL 35 For the general mechanisation with water firmness, 20–100º HF. Good anti-corrosive power.
BESAL 455 For normally severe mechanisation with water firmness, 40–100º HF. Steel, aluminium and tin.

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